Monday, July 26, 2010

God Hates Hate

Let me sum up:
Photos from the battle of Westboro Church V. Comic Con...and one pic of me viewing said photos.

Let me splain:

When I heard that Westboro Church would be crashing San Diego Comic Con, I was a little worried the whole affair would end in tears. Tears of the punch-induced variety. I could vividly picture a principled, curmudgeonly geek taking a shot at these creeps. And shots indeed were taken. BRAIN SHOTS, YO!!!! Which made me cry happy tears indeed.

I had vented my concerns to my husband, and he sent me a link to the article above on Friday. Buddy Jesus was the salty clincher. God bless you, geeks. I am happy to let my lacrimal fluids pool around my nose in an unbecoming fashion in celebration of your noble efforts.

~Geek out

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