Monday, July 19, 2010

Firefly Farewells

Let me sum up:
This week's tear fodder is the Firefly one-shot "Float Out."

Let me splain:
Yeah...the cover art made me cry. And there were more tears to follow. Wash's denouement in "Serenity" was jarring to say the least. Oh, I wish I knew how to quit you, Mr. Whedon! At any rate, this Wash tribute was much appreciated.

I read a couple reviews that summed up my major gripe with this comic...3 brand new characters drive the story. I'm a sap for Whedony characters we know and love and it took me a while to settle in with these strangers. But ultimately the novel narration provides a delicious slice of Washy goodness. The last page made me cry. I expected it would. No spoilers here. But yay.

The other reason I was poised to love on this comic til it reduced me to tears is the author, one Mr. Patton Oswalt. The past two years have seen a huge surge in my comedy-geekdom, and Mr. Oswalt is by far my favourite comic out there today. I just got to see him live for the first time a couple weeks awesome show delivered in a fog of baby-induced exhaustion and delirium. I actually got to see his occasional partner in crime Brian Posehn last weekend. Fatherhood is fitting both these fellas real nicely. Posehn had a great bit a few years back inviting folks to punch his baby if he ever had one and it dulled his comedy. But I really enjoyed how the whole person-making experience impacted both sets. And I can't help but think it added a little extra geeky stardust to "Float Out."

~Geek out

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  1. Firefly was the first Whedon project we watched, and it was a complete bomb when Wash got killed off. Had we seen Buffy and Angel prior to this we probably would have understood that Joss just loves to kill of main characters.