Sunday, July 4, 2010

Where's Your Kid Now?

Let me sum up:
I cried 11 times during...

Let me splain:
No...really...11 times. And that's just counting actual tear-spillover. If I count any time I tear up, things get way to complicated. "Toy Story 3" was a good time indeed. Little known fact--it features Timothy Dalton in a cameo as Mr. Pricklepants. I was a huuuuge fan of Mr. Dalton in Jr. High (thanks to "The Rocketeer," BBC's "Jane Eyre," his 2 Bond films, and me having Mono in 7th grade). I got the chance to meet him at a fund-raiser 5 years ago (which I bought tickets to in order to meet another favorite sassy Brit, Tim Curry). Tim Curry was delightful. However, when I tried to tell Mr. Dalton about the hilarious "Buffy" scene where the geek triumvirate gets into the age-old "Who's the best Bond?" debate, and Andrew shouts, "Dalton should win an Oscar and beat Connery over the head with it!!!" Dalton got all snarly and replied "Sean Connery is a dear personal friend and I take great offense to such remarks." I cried sad tears indeed after being admonished by this sassy Welshman.

I thought about trying to retrace the 11 moments where I cried while watching "Toy Story 3." But that seemed tedious. I will say that after Disney wrangled Pixar into making "Toy Story 2" it felt like their hearts weren't quite in it (though I cried at that one, too). This time around they went daaaaark. A lot of the storyline revolves around new toy, Lots-o'-Huggin Bear (Lotso). I don't want to get too far into spoiler territory. But I love this character for two reasons. 1) He was introduced online in an AMAZING fabricated 1980's ad:

And 2) Lotso has some intense history. He's the one who coldly drops the title of this post, "Where's your kid now?" Lotso's history has given him a pretty skewed perspective on Toy-Child love. And I resented this perspective. Because here's the last pile of treasures that will be with me when head off this evening to spend my first night at my new apartment before my first day of internship:

That's Cuddles on the right. I got him at the Circus Circus Casino in Las Vegas when I was 5 years old. My maternal grandparents and Aunt were awesome enough to take me to Vegas as a kid. They were also awesome enough to buy Cuddles for me because they figured it would be a better investment than the booth games that were available to kids. They were right. Cuddles will be sitting in my lap during my drive this evening.

~Geek out


  1. Hope your first intern day goes awesome maximum. We're always happy to get out of the house if you need someone to hang out with!