Saturday, May 29, 2010

Welcome to Geek Tears

I cry easily. Some would say at the drop of a hat (at our wedding, my husband had one of his groomsmen carry a hat around and sporadically drop it to illustrate this point).

For years I've been collecting evidence of my overactive lacrimal glands. I've considered posting some of these tearful pictures and videos in the past, but there seem to be plenty of folks crying on the internet. Some absurd, some adorable. I recently discovered Crying Wife, which I love. I've been thinking more and more about niches to be filled in the online tear domain.

Last week I got some Star Wars related news that really set me off (post to follow). I realized that while it doesn't take much to get me crying, geeky subject matter is usually the culprit. Incredibly geeky subject matter. And that's why I decided to create Geek Tears.

Pretty much any media can get me crying (and I have a wacky, wonderful husband who does his best to seek out such media and email it to me), so I plan to post reactions to photos, books, videos, news stories, and more. Please enjoy the geek tears to come. And feel free to submit your own geek tears.


  1. I LOVE that wedding cake! I'd be crying if my wedding cake had Harley Quinn on it!!! :D
    I'm the girl you spoke with about Psych Stuff. :D I can tell I'm going to love this blog! I'm going to read all the posts you've done so far!

  2. yeah, awesome cake. And it makes sense about the crying; I myself never cry (gimme a break, I'm a guy) so in order to balance things out, someone out there must be working overtime in the waterworks department. Thanks for picking up the slack galpal. :D


  3. Welcome tundrawalker, and thank you!