Monday, August 2, 2010

WOW Orphan Etiquette

Let me sum up:
Screenshot of World of Warcraft orphan, Salandria, and my undead priest. And text of the thank you letter you get when you complete this quest chain.

Dear Bellal,

Thank you for taking me out during Children's Week. Lady Liadrin, the leader of the Blood Knights, has asked that I be released to her custody for training in Silvermoon City!

I just wanted to thank you for taking me to see my friend, Hch'uu, as well as the Dark Portal, the Throne of the Elements and the Caverns of Time. I like my toy dragon very much!

I'm sure that you're taking good care of my pet. Please tell him that I miss him!



Let me splain:
Note: "Bellal" is a Bela Lugosi thing, and in no way a Twilight thing. For those who do not partake in the WOW--there's a world event called Children's Week. The week includes a series of quests where you can adopt an orphan and take them on maaaaagical adventures. As you might have noticed by now, I'm a GIANT sap. I love these quests. They are chock full of whimsy. And adorable pets as quest rewards don't hurt. It is to be expected that I got a little choked up while completing these quests for the first time last year. What I wasn't expecting was the friggin' thank you note that pops up in your mailbox soon after you complete the quest chain. Thanks to my Mom, I'm a little bit of an etiquette-geek. And yeah, I totally cried when I read the letter. Who knew a little NPC courtesy could wreak such havoc? Please don't use this as a reason ladies shouldn't play video games.

~Geek out

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