Monday, August 9, 2010

Sullivan Ballou Tears

Let me sum up:
Video of the amazing "Dear Sarah" letter from Ken Burn's "Civil War" documentary. Plus a viewing photo.

Let me splain:

This is for all you history-geeks and romance-geeks. My Dad is a huge Civil War buff and I remember him playing this scene over and over when I was a kiddo. Quite right, Pops. That's some breathtaking letter writing. And some breathtaking violining while we're at it.

I think we have souls that'll last beyond these fleshy shells. If I'm wrong...I'm pretty happy with how I'm spending the time I have. But man...I sure hope Sullivan is right about that eternal after party. In large part because I enjoy spending time with that wacky husband of mine.

~Geek out

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