Monday, April 4, 2011

Cr-Happy Ending

Let me sum up:
Brazil "Love Conquers All" Ending

Let me splain:
This makes me cry tears of rage...because it's so dang bad. This is the ending of the 94 minute version of this fabulous film, edited by Universal to make it more...accessible? commercial? palatable? for TV viewers. This version basically involves splicing a lot of random fantasy sequences together as though they were reality. And it hurts my brain. Gilliam's original cut makes me cry plenty of genuine tears. Take a twisty Gilliam world, add a dash of Tom Stoppard, throw in some Michael Palin (in my opinion, the most endearing Python) as a total creeper, and top off with a dash of melty-face Mona from "Who's the Boss," just for kicks!

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