Monday, March 28, 2011

Big Rocks

Let me sum up:
Covey on priorities

Let me splain:
This is cheesy as hell. But I have a supervisor who makes me cry whenever he says "put the big rocks in first."

~Geek out


  1. "Geek Tears" didn't make sense to me at first. Several videos later, I withdraw the previous notion and let the tears run in private. A-HA~

    Dad taught me about this lesson ages ago. Of course, the easily distracted me never listened :P I'm now reading a book called "Getting things done" by David Allen. You might find it interesting.

    Anyhow, I was sent here by your Harley Quinn video on Youtube. Something you did there brought a few nice warm chuckles and drew a tender tug in my heart.

    Keep up the collections. These are wonderful; sometimes a few good tears felt just as good as jolly laughter :)


  2. Hi Nile!
    Nice to see another Harley fan! I was brought here the same way you were and now I look forward to the new tears fodder every Monday! :D

  3. Sweet--thanks folks! I actually like my supervisor's narrative version a scosh more than this video. He sets it up as a talk Covey is giving at Harvard business school, or some such. And he starts with big rocks and keeps adding things and asking "Is the jar full?" He finishes with a pitcher of water. And the punchline goes something like: And then he asked the students, "What's the moral of this demo?" And a student answers, "There's always more time if you have good time management." And Covey replies, "Nope--put in the big rocks first."