Friday, June 8, 2012

Did You Ever Grow Anything In the Garden of Your Mind?

Let me sum up: Mister Rogers Remix (from The Daily What)
Let me splain: Remember the early days of the internets? Blender hamster flash videos, etc.? Around that time I found a naughty Mister Rogers audio remix--Jr. High me thought it was hilarious. I've since grown to deeply love and respect this man (whose show I am thankful my Mom made me watch on sick days). And now I feel a little guilty for laughing at the naughty audio.

Mister Rogers has often me cry. This video is also a great watch.  "Mindfulness"--intentional awareness of what's going on around you--is a big, hip focus of therapy these days. A few weeks ago I googled "Mister Rogers" and "mindfulness," because this dude had it in spades. A few days later I ran into a psychologist friend who also touted Mr. R. as a master of mindfulness. Fred Rogers encouraged joyful curiosity about the world. And encourages me to try to do good (in the grammatically correct sense).

~Geek out

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