Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Boo Bass

Let me sum up:
Auditory mixologist Pogo makes more stuff...

Let me splain:
Oh, look, Pogo once again took something lovely and whimsical and made it EVEN MORE LOVELY AND WHIMSICAL!!! It's kinda what he does.

"Monsters Inc." is my favourite Pixar movie. Two reasons:
1) As a kid, I had recurring nightmares about a creature I dubbed "The Scary Kitty-Cat Monster." He tormented and tickle-tortured me through many a dream. Then, out of the blue, he turned nice. And rather Sulley-esque. And I loved him.
2) Laughter > Fear is a rockin' message.

"Toy Story 3" comes in a close second. As previously documented, I cried 11 times at my first viewing. (They held hands and were prepared to face death, people)! Incidentally, I'm getting to do lots of therapy with kiddos this year. And I've often talked with kids about Lotso. Yeah, Lotso was mean. But was he always mean? Or did he maybe act mean because someone he loved made him sad?

~Geek out

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  1. I always cry at the end of this movie! There's is just something so genuine and pure about how much Sully loves Boo! Gotta say that combining this with the mastery of Pogo's music only ups the emotions! His Alice in Wonderland remixes are also amazing! Now I have to go and listen to all his songs!