Sunday, March 11, 2012

Absurdity Everywhere

Let me sum up:
The latest video from Improv Everywhere

Let me splain:
I know, I've posted lots of Improv Everywhere videos. And I know, their name is confusing--it's addressed in the FAQ's on their page. (My husband is constantly pointing out that they don't actually do improv. He's also reading Hunger Games right now, and was happy when Rue died, so come on....don't be that guy). Also...TED talk! Which is some staple stuff white people like.

Unexpected absurdity. Seemingly spontaneous choreography. I dunno, man. The flash-mob thing continues to slay me pretty much every time. It's the mix of the surprise whimsy and the delightful group effort. I friggin love it. Stalin was supposedly a big fan of the early Disney silly symphony cartoons--steam boats, animals, trees, bugs, and tools all dancing and working together. There is something pretty nifty about people working together for a common purpose. And when that common purpose is silliness rather than mother Russia, it's gonna make me cry.

~Geek out

PS--Hooray for Cash Mobs, while I'm at it!


  1. I REALLY wish this would happen everytime my mac decide to have a hissy fit! Loved it to death!

    Ps: You're husband was happy when Rue died????!?!?! For shame! Jk!

  2. Yeah...he's pretty curmudgeonly. But also the nicest dude ever!