Monday, June 27, 2011

Whimsical Disneyland Darth

Let me sum up:
Awesome commercial for the attraction that inspired sad tears last year (and my first Geek Tears entry)...

Let me splain:
It's been a wacky year, folks. Living apart from the hubs on weekdays. Completing that lameness (and internship) this Friday! Recently nailing down a great job/postdoc that I can do while living with my husband. And a whole lot of tears, gleeful and woeful.

I never posted any follow-up to my original post. My husband and I did make it to Disneyland last summer. We rode the original Star Tours several times. My teasy husband kept pointing to boys ages 5-10, and playfully reminding me: "The new ride is for them. Don't you want them to be happy?"

We have not yet ridden Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, which recently opened. I haven't looked at much review stuff...wanna be surprised when we do make it. Regardless of whether I enjoy the new attraction (which I probably will, cause I'm a sucker), this commercial is frickin lovely.

~Geek out

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