Monday, May 30, 2011


Let me preamble:
It's Geek Tears' 1 year anniversary! So many tears. Lots of changes coming up for finishing my internship and living with my husband full-time again, hooray! I'm going to be changing things up a bit here, too. Instead of the weekly post, I'll be updating as the tearful mood takes me. Might be a little less frequent, but I'll try to keep it geeky for ya.

Let me sum up:
My husband's super-geeky proposal...

Let me splain:
Reader Niles recently showed me this movie geek proposal. Sweet--but the couple look to me like they could definitely sit at the cool kid table. I also recently saw this article on Geeky Proposals. And I posted a while back about the PAX proposal this year (not the first PA proposal to make me cry).

My husband, however, can give all these folks a run for their geeky money. So here it is...

Trip to Vegas with his family. I spend the day with his mom and sister and aunt and cousin while he is secretly setting up. He calls and asks me to come meet him. A sign on the door says "Come in..."

The room is done up like the scene from UHF when Weird Al tries to get his girlfriend back. Balloons, flowers, crazy sign. He's nowhere to be seen (hiding behind the couch, apparently). The Nightmare Before Christmas "My Dearest Friend" song is playing (later, another of our favourite songs, "Simple Truth" by Tsunami Bomb starts to play).

There is a box on a table. As I walk up, a hands pops out of the box holding roses, ala the Joker's present to Vicki Vale in Batman. (The fact that his proposal involved a manikin hand elaborately rigged up on a car antenna, but that wasn't where he put the ring confused people no end). There's a note on the hand saying "Look under the table..."

Under the table there's a laptop on a box and a cd that says "Play me..." The CD has a power point presentation with many inside jokes, and which culminates in a recreation of the way Lisa Simpson gets proposed to on the Simpsons...fireworks, glitch, a cow with a sign that says "Marry Me?" The final slide says to look in the box under the laptop.

Which, of course, contains the man eating rabbit from Holy Grail with the ring in its mouth.

~Geek out


  1. This is easily the most amazing proposal I've ever seen! I hope whoever proposes to ME someday is just as into this stuff as I am. And is this dang creative! He did a great job! :D So sweet!

  2. Before this I just had a crush on you. Now I am in love with your husband too. Sigh.

  3. Amazing! I feel thoroughly out-done! Good job my wife was the shy type.... ;p

  4. Aw, thanks all. He is the bees knees.