Monday, February 28, 2011

So nice to know there are Jackalopes around...

Let me sum up:
Pixar's Boundin'

Let me splain:
I'm in an Oscar mood. And this short came to mind (you can get 'em all on iTunes, I hear tell). I doubt they'll ever top this one for me. For enjoyment or tears.

I'm also geeking out because yesterday, I got to make Pixar-themey food for an Oscar party...(the flavors are "Sweet" and "Assaulty.")

~Geek out


  1. Hi! I left you comments all over this blogs, since I spent several happy hours reading each post! I hope you'll go back and read them if you can. For now, I just wanted to say hi. I'm the girl you spoke with about Psych Stuff recently. :)
    I have a Geek Tears suggestion! On YouTube, there's a series called The Joker Blogs. They are wonderful and I hope you'll take the time to watch them from the begining. Just Search The Joker Blogs on YouTube, episode one. Then just click their page and you can watch the whole series from the start. There are about 19+ videos, focusing on the Joker at Arkham. :D Harleen Quinzel is there, of course, and the actress who plays her makes me smile for some reason. :D lol! Anyway, I teared up from pure shock on episode 17, and though you may not do the same, I still hope you'll check 'em out!
    I love this blog. Keep up with the awesomness here, and you can expect regular comments from me!

  2. Hi Alex! Thanks for posting, I've so appreciated the comments. I've watched a little of the Joker Blogs--no tears yet, I will definitely check out ep 17. As for the costume--sturdy foundation garments and safety pins are always key. Cheers!

  3. Yeah, ep 17 makes me tear up everytime. I think, though the situations are still different, Haley Quinn's pychological 'problems' are always there. No matter the version. TJB Harley is beautiful in how she portrayed that.

    Let me know what you think of them, please! :)
    Oh thanks! Makes sense now. :D