Monday, January 31, 2011

Sal. Kitty. Ooooooh.

Let me sum up:
Sal dances. Kitty gets it.

Let me splain:
I am a theatre-geek. My two serious boyfriends before my husband are both gay. One of them has ├╝ber-evangelical parents and once told me that if I hadn't broken up with him, he thinks he might have tried to make me a Beard for Life. That's terrifying to hear. That's why I was super mesmerized by this scene from "Mad Men" season 3. It's gorgeous. And so sad. Kitty doesn't have many scenes but man, she nailed this look. My husband had to ask "Is that her getting it?" "Yeah baby. That's her getting it."

I also wanted to post this scene because my husband and I are almost finished with season 3. I have a lot of empathy for Kitty. But also for Sal. I think every Sal storyline made me cry at some point. I'm pretty big on martial fidelity, but I was totally rooting for him every time it seemed like he was finally gonna get some XY love. And events near the end of season 3 made me very sad indeed. Totally thought Don had Sal's back. But of course, Don just minds his own business, until someone's "business" interferes with business.

~Geek out

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  1. Aw. I've never seen this show, but from what you've said here, it sounds dramatic and addicting. :D Keep posting. You're fun!