Monday, January 17, 2011

I Am in Ur Teen Novels, Stealin Ur Awesome Lines

Let me sum up:
"I love you." "I know."

Let me splain:
Alright, this is an obvious choice for a romantically inclined geek. But I needed to do this post for the youngins out there. My sister is teaching Jr. High in Mississippi this year. Which means she is privy to the latest and greatest trends in young adult novels. And she and her kids are going batty over the "Hunger Games" trilogy ("It's the next 'Twilight!'" as one of her students exclaimed). I never liked a dystopia novel I didn't meet, so I decided to give the trilogy a whirl. I'm halfway through the second book, "Catching Fire" and I'm enjoying the series. But I was dismayed a few chapters back to see the dialog "I love you." "I know." dropped UNABASHEDLY!!! For the love I bear the books I'm going to pretend this was intentional homage. But if I catch any 11-teen-year-olds giving these books credit for such romantic patter, there will be consequences.

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  1. The Hunger Games are being compared with that trash? *gags* Twilight is by far the worst craze ever- and with surprisingly negative effects. Ick.
    And given Katniss's personality and the hopeless situation they're in, I believe this was intended. Personaly, I'm VERY glad to see love (friendship love, I think, in Katniss's eyes) shown through action rather than just words. I'm also glad she's not another Bella Swan, throwing herself at him. Bare in mind- she isn't sure if she truly loves him, but that he may indeed love her. She knows they both care, though, and a big speech about love isn't needed.