Monday, December 13, 2010

Mythbusters II

Let me sum up: An unprecedented second week of celebrating the Mythbusters, thanks to their recent episode featuring a very special guest...

Let me splain: Alright, call me lazy. But I gots a good excuse for using the same tear fodder two weeks in a row. Not only did I cry at the Presidential Mythbusters last week, the HUSBAND cried. I have known my husband for over a decade. I have seen him cry exactly 3 times. One was an excruciatingly sad funeral. In the other two situations, science was to blame. "Steamboy" was the first culprit. It's been a while since we watched it and neither of us can remember whether it was a line by Eddie Steam or Lloyd Steam that made him cry. He's trying to claim it was Lloyd, who pushes for science with heart. I believe it was actually when power-hungry Eddie states "Science should reveal universal principles, not assist humanity in its folly."

Jaime's closing statement on this week's Mythbusters was a happy medium between the two Steams--a heartfelt celebration of the pursuit of knowledge. Exactly what the episode set out to achieve. Without getting too political, this is the most excited I've been to see Obama on TV since the election. And while (spoiler alert) the myth in question was not born out, Jaime's closing words made standing in the sun all day to NOT set something on fire seem noble, purposeful, and super cool. And then my husband covered his face with a blanket.

~Geek out

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