Monday, December 6, 2010

Balloon Girl

Let me sum up: "Balloon Girl" on Mythbusters

Let me splain:
Where science and whimsy meet, there are bound to be gleeful tears. Nertz to "Balloon Boy's" family for tainting the joy inherent in the myth's title alone. This is one of those undertakings that my husband and I can both truly delight in--childhood fantasies made real through the power of maths! Plus this episode features Kari at her most adorable. Both Kari and ex-mythbuster Scotty rock pretty hard in the balloon popping sequence.

Incidentally, for you Mythbusters and/or comedy geeks, I highly recommend you take a listen to Adam as a guest on the Nerdist Podcast. Mr. Savage tries his hand at stand-up, with great aplomb, and also geeks out on Star Wars and the joy of making stuff look like stuff.

~Geek out

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