Monday, November 22, 2010

Deathly Hallows Part I--Tear Countdown

Let me sum up:
The 8 movie moments that induced salty spillover in the most recent Harry Potter installment. Spoiler heavy...

8. Hermione "obliviating" her parents

7. Charity Burbage calling out to Snape

6. Harry taking a last look at the cupboard under the stairs

5. Hedwig's death

4. Harry and Hermione at his parents' grave

3. The Doe patronus

2. Dobby I (Dobby's death)

1. Dobby II (Harry saying they'll dig the grave by hand)

Let me splain:
I don't retain a whole lot of detail from anything I read, and the HP books are no exception. This leaves me in the delightful position of thoroughly enjoying every movie, rather than leaving miffed because of details they left out. Deathly Hallows Part II has the potential to violate this rule since I do absorb Snape trivia rather well. But I actually just ran into some photographic evidence that the epilogue WILL be included, so yay.

I was fairly certain that DH Part I would end with Dobby. I believe I mentioned in a previous post that I ran across pics of them filming Dobby's burial sometime last year and that was enough to undo me. If Dobby's death hadn't led to tears, the movie would have been a complete failure in my eyes. But, as with reading the book, it led to several waves of tears. In fact, in anticipating this sad moment, I almost lost it a few times during Dobby's sometimes hilarious, sometimes moving lines at Bellatrix's house before the final, fatal moment.

There were 4 or 5 other solid moments of tear-up sans spillover, but I didn't keep track of these. I do recall that one was Scrimgeour going through Dumbledore's will (always pictured Billy Connolly in this role--if only to give the wig folks a break--but I loved Bill Nighy).

Anyhoo, as with the books, Dobby took the cake for tears. Which, as I've noted, shocked me since until this scene Dobby had always stuck me as mildly annoying. While viewing the movie, the Doe patronus came in a close second for tears. Even I was surprised the sobby-goodness here. Snape girl, through and through.

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