Monday, October 11, 2010


Let me sum up:
Rorschach's death in "Watchmen"

Let me splain:
This one comes at the request of Smeagol92055 who asked for a reaction to "Watchmen." Rorschach's the biggest source of tears for me here...though The Comedian comes in a close second, especially now that I'm working at the VA.

The picture is from me watching Rorschach's death scene in the movie--Jackie Earle Haley is friggin amazing--but the book has a similar impact on me. Rorschach has some obvious pulls for a psychology geek (every now and then I get someone who is sad I don't throw ink blots at them). Mask aside, his tie to the Kitty Genovese murder is a slick backstory facet.

I have some pretty inflexible notions of how I'd like the world to be. And I've seen glimpses of how this rigidity can get in the way of life. When Rorachach invites death, it's clear he sees it too.

~Geek out


  1. Rorschach would rather die than be forced to break his own moral code and lie about Ozymandias' plot; he's the perfect example of absolutism and Jackie Earle Haley's performance was so pitch perfect that I still get chills every time I watch his final scene; no amount of viewings can abate the reaction to his decision to die rather than lie.

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