Monday, October 25, 2010

A Pining Pumpkin and Tim Curry Props

Let me sum up:
It's a Halloween two-fer, with...

"The Pumpkin Who Couldn't Smile"

and "The Worst Witch"

Let me splain:
Wow, finding the first video was a total nostalgia trip for me. This movie was one of our trusty, VHS recorded TV specials growing up. My big sister's room was Raggety Ann and Andy themed when she was little. My mom actually made really cool Raggety costumes for herself, my dad, and my sister for my sister's very first Halloween. Anyhoo, I don't remember jack about the plot, except that it centers around an unwanted pumpkin (picture the tree from "A Charlie Brown Christmas" if it were a pumpkin, and could talk, and CRY FRICKIN' PUMPKIN SEEDS!!!)

I first saw the second movie, "The Worst Witch," in 5th grade. Which was right around the time I realized that Rooster in "Annie," Darkness in "Legend," Hook in an after school "Peter Pan" cartoon running at the time, and Dr. Frankenfurter (who theatre pals had just introduced me to) were all the SAME AMAZING ENGLISHMAN. The scene I've posted above is the ending. I know that I would cry if a wizard played by Tim Curry declared it a half-holiday thanks to my awesome heroism, and then asked me to go flying with him. With Mrs. Garrett's blessing, of course. Jump to 2:12 in the clip above for optimal Curry smarm-tastic-ness. X-Entertainment did an amazing run down of this movie many years ago. If you're going for chuckles, not tears, please enjoy this mind blowing song:

~Geek out
(You're not the worst witch, anymore!)

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