Sunday, June 13, 2010

Potter. Harry Potter.

Let me sum up:
Photos from "Deathly Hallows" release.

Ready for reading.

Adorable HP.

Awesome Gilderoy reading to the kiddos.

Potter baby.

My Potter tattoo. That my husband skillfully applied. Without using water. Or hands.

Magical reading pile. With snacks.





Let me splain:
Dude, my first couple posts were a frickin' bummer. I swear my geek tears are usually happy tears. So here's a mix of happy/sad. Alright, it's still mostly sad. Next week, 100% happy, I promise.

So these are the Geek Tears banner photos in context. I won't blab in too much detail about them. If you're enough of a Potter fan that you have the book, you might have fun looking up the page numbers. If not, you probably don't care. I wasn't a huge Dobby fan, but that plot point came at such a quiet place in the book...unlike some other big tragedies that got lost in the action of the final battle, Dobby hit me really hard. And the descriptions of his tiny little man. I made the mistake of google-imaging something Dobby related the other day and ran into photos of them filming those scenes at the beach cottage. Ack.

These photos also testify to me being a villain-geek. Well, that's not quite fair. I love bad guys and I also love when characters shake up the line between good and evil. It's what made Trevor Goodchild so friggin fantastic in "Aeon Flux" (something that apparently totally escaped the makers of the horrendous movie version, where they decided to just chop Trevor into two separate people to simplify things. RAAAAAGE). Snape's motivations always seemed pretty clear to me and I LOVED how much back story we got to confirm this. His final words were wrenching. And Harry's words in the epilogue were tear-jerking awesome sauce.

~Geek out

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  1. I had a lot of fun looking up the pages. :)