Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Ghost with the Most...Amazing Freakin Costume

Let me sum up:
1) Video of Beetlejuice costume from 2007 San Diego Comic Con
2) Costume photo
3) Aftermath photo

Let me splain:
Given that my trickle of page views is at this point entirely driven by traffic from my youtubes, it shouldn't surprise anyone that I'm a giant costume-geek. I've been making my own costumes since I was a kiddo. And as I've gradually become more and more entrenched in geeky pop-culture, I've found more inspiration and opportunities to make and wear geektastic costumes.

I've now done the San Diego Comic Con masquerade a couple times--this gig is ridiculously fun and full of geeky innovation. But most years we can't get to SDCC these days, and on those years I obsessively search for photos and videos of the entries.

This Beetlejuice costume is from the 2007 masquerade. I completely lost it the first time I saw the video that summer. There's actually another video created by the costumer with better detail of the costume. However, the video from the actual masquerade always kills me thanks to the pure audience joy. Geek on my brother.

~Geek out

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